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Narrative Projects

Narrative Projects include FUNERAL FLOWERS by Emma Dennis Edwards, NEXT TIME by Jess Moore, THE EMPTY CHAIR by Polly Creed, SOMEBODY by Matilda Curtis, MARY MARY by Sophie Compton & Lily Ashley. Find out more below!

Funeral Flowers

Written by Emma Dennis-Edwards

Directed by Rachel Nwokoro

Inspired by the story of one woman who trained as a florist whilst incarcerated, this Fringe First and multi Award-winning play tells the story of Angelique, 17. Part poetry, part play, we follow Angelique as she navigates the care system and sexual abuse. Winner of a Scotsman Fringe First, the Filipa Bragança Award. “Impassioned, urgent storytelling” To Do List. Fringe Run 2018. Taken on an Offie-nominated tour in 2019. Read more in The Guardian or British Theatre.

"funny, fearless, and heart-breaking" - Lyn Gardner 


Written by Matilda Curtis

Directed by Beth Pitts

When does a girl become a woman? This question is at the heart of Matilda Curtis’ site-specific New Play. Following a proposal from her Very Nice Boyfriend, Girl (28), finds herself on the cusp of marriage, family and a comfortable future. But she freezes; she doesn’t want any of it. So she goes backwards, hurtling towards the tragic early event that shaped her. This was Matilda's first full-length commission as a writer: she has gone on to be commissioned by the BBC, Netflix, others. 

"Skilfully crafted, wittily observed" - The Scotsman.

Next Time

Written by Jess Moore

Directed by Polly Creed

Next Time depicts domestic violence through the lens of a young woman attempting to leave her partner. Confined to the space of one room, the audience watches the protagonist in real-time, with up-close immediacy. The protagonist tries to overcome physical and emotional obstacles over an intense and emotional hour. Next Time draws on Moore’s own insight as a board member of the domestic violence charity Tender.

“Important and hard-hitting theatre” Fringe Guru 

Mary Mary

Written by Sophie Compton & Lily Ashley

Devised by the company


"Dis-Claim-Er: The future is like the past - an idea, a memory, an imagining. Don't hold me to my facts, I never came to be concise, I came to explore something. I'm not fixed on being right. You've written my past and now I will rewrite it". Drawing on Early Modern trial testimonies, Mary Mary uncovers the melodrama and absurdity of the witch hunt. Company Lily Ashley, Paulina Lenoir, Nancy Trotter, Hugo Hamlet, Genevieve Hulme-Beaman.

Voila Festival sell-out show


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