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Activism Projects

Activism Projects include #THE2TO1PROBLEM campaign, WOMEN ON THE FRINGES research project, #MYIMAGEMYCHOICE campaign and FUNERAL FLOWERS COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS impact campaign.

Women On The Fringes

Data-driven research project

Our world-first study into gender at the Edinburgh Fringe exposed a 60% gender earnings gap. The report was a multivariate analysis conducted by UCL Economists supervised by Dr. Lorenzo Lotti. It was released in The Scotsman, The Stage, The Telegraph. It was presented as to Arts Council England in a campaign that led them to commit to £2.5 million in funding for the Edinburgh Fringe. The Fringe Society committed to monitoring and renewed their commitments to eliminating gender inequality, and commissioned further research by us. The full report is below. This study uncovered:

  1. In 2018, men earned 60% more than women

  2. The fringe was gender-equal in overall representation

  3. 38% of Fringe practitioners were unpaid

  4. If paid, median income was £400 over 6 weeks, which works out to £9.50 per day

"Power Play's research [creates] a vital leaping-off point from which positive and tangible change can happen" Lucy Kerbel (Tonic)


Campaign and research project

#MyImageMyChoice is a coalition of survivors and advocates calling for a new bill to reform England’s criminal law and government policy. The campaign first focused on legislation in England and Wales and will expand to focus on US legislation in 2021. It creates a safe and supportive environment for victims to speak about experiences of image-based sexual abuse - either privately or publicly - and connect them to law-makers and those with the power to make change. We have been featured on Now This, The Sunday Times and more.


Our survivor testimonies have contributed to the English Law Commission’s current review into laws covering ‘making, taking and sharing intimate images without consent’. This work has garnered the support of several MPs including Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Jess Phillips, Maria Miller.

"I welcome the #MyimageMyChoice campaign and support the coalition of survivors and advocates who are calling for a new Government Bill which tackles image-based sexual abuses" - Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP


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